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Welcome to Fourth Perspective.

This F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) Is designed to explain new and innovative features unique to Please take some time to familiarize yourself with them in order to make the most of your visit.


What is

Put simply, Fourth Perspective is an online venue in which amateur and professional Authors alike can upload and display their chosen craft on the internet.

Using a unique ranking and review system designed for ease of use, one can receive invaluable feedback from like-minded users. And by giving others the benefit of your insight, you too will be rewarded with greater presence in the online community, the tools to make your  works stand out from the crowd and achieve the notoriety you deserve.

In addition, this system is also designed to entice speculative Publishers and Directors that will no doubt give careful consideration to the best of many works offered freely for their perusal.


What does "Fourth Perspective" mean?

Fourth Perspective is a writing style that reached the height of it's popularity just prior to the twentieth century by literary giants such as Fielding, Dickens, Flaubert  and Tolstoy. There has however been a recent revival in popularity of this beautiful and classic style from subsequent writers trying to emulate newly rediscovered treasures from authors like Upton Sinclair and some of H. P. Lovecraft's more fanciful features.

Otherwise known as "omniscience" it describes a knowledge of all things past present and future and has connotations deific and relating to the passage of time, described as the fourth dimension. The eye that adorns our banner is that of the Greek Titan and god of time, Kronos, coincidentally known to the Romans as Saturn.


How do I create a new account and what are the benefits of having one?

Fourth Perspective user accounts are completely free, without obligation and are designed to optimize your visit and keep track of your progress with the aid of cookies. In addition, you will be given the ability to:

-Create threads and post within the forum.
-Add your perspective to all forms of literature.
-Upload your works for review.
-Earn perspective points and spend them.
-Promote yourself and your works.

This is just to name a few benefits of membership with Fourth Perspective, the full list of features continues in the following pages.

To create your free account, look to the right of the Fourth Perspective banner and choose "create new account". We require only your new user-name, password and your e-mail address to create you free account. Immediately after, an automated E-mail will be sent to your E-mail address to confirm your details are accurate and allow you to complete the registration process.

Rest assured, we will not distribute your personal information to a third party.


How do I read a work?

You need only select a work that interests you in whatever category or theme you desire. After you do, you will be presented with a page devoted to that work with a large title picture, a descending list of perspectives for your perusal and the author's profile, in addition to a great many other features that I'm sure you will come to fully appreciate in time; non are more prominent than the option to read or give your perspective on a piece.

All of our scripts are in the form of a .PDF file and will require Adobe Acrobat software in order to view it. If you already have it installed as many computers do, it will open automatically into a separate window. If you do not have the required software, you may be asked if you wish to download it from
We encourage you to do so, It's small, free and the industry standard for viewing rich documents.


How do I add my perspective to a work?

Please refer to the paragraphs above. After you have chosen to "Give your Perspective" on a work you have read. You will be presented with a form that is dynamic and will change depending on the nature and length of the work you have just read.
Shortest versions of the form will simply include a heading for your perspective, the perspective itself and a score out of 100.
The longer forms will include sub-scores and sub-perspectives such as:

How you would summarize your perspective.          

The underlying theme that drives the story. If you want to condense a whole book or script into a single concept, simply describe it as best you can in one sentence. How does it sound?

The imaginary people that populate and drive imaginary scenarios. How real are they to you? Can you feel what they feel and predict their next course of action? Or are they feel like mindless robots doing things and reading lines?

The way that characters speak and interact with each other. Clever, original and realistic? Or puerile, hackneyed and formulaic?

The succession of events that should ask and eventually answer the dramatic question. A good example of a dramatic question is also the late 90's film's title "Dude where's my car?" Captivating and enthralling? Or hideous and repellent?

This refers not to the substance of the piece itself, but rather how the author wishes to convey it; If you want to comment on the incorrect use of; semi-colons. full stops or point out how many times per paragraph the word "however" appears; however you may simply want to praise their choice of transitions; If that's the case. however this is the place to do it. however you'd like; (joke)

Perspective and Overall.
Taking everything into consideration, justify your overall score out of 100, being sure to mention the aspects of the work that stood out as the best. In the same way discuss other points you believe could use some work, If you can offer any advice on the subject then please do. You will never be penalized for giving a bad or unpopular perspective, it is your perspective after all. It's those that give top marks to everything that bug me; but I have already addressed this problem and will speak no more about it.

Before you do any of the above, you must first complete a brief summary of the characters and events within the story. This will only be visible to the author and those that have already read and reviewed it.
Why explain the story to it's author you may ask? Mainly to prove that you have indeed read the work in completeness and deserve to give your perspective on it. It also gives the author a good idea of what the reader found to be the most poignant and memorable within the story, which is often surprisingly different to what the author had originally intended.


Completing and uploading the perspective.

Now that you've carefully considered all your answers and completed the form, simply press the "Give my Perspective" button which will:
1. Upload and add your perspective.
2. Add the perspective reward points  to your account.
3. Give you the option of doubling your points by giving your perspective of the perspectives of others on that work.

Note: You must complete all the forms required to submit a successful perspective, once it's submitted that's it, you may not give your perspective on it again and what you have written cannot be altered or erased, please choose your words wisely.


Great Story/ Author, I'd like to read again sometime, how can I keep track?

In the case of a work, all you need to do is add, it to your "Favorites" and it will automatically appear for all to see amongst your other favorite works in your personal profile.  It will stay there for as long as you like and you may have as many "favorites" as you like.

If you would like to add a work to your "favorites" list, just go to that work's individual page and you will find a link to the right of the work's title, click on it and without further delay all associated data will be copied to your profile. You may also add favorite authors in precisely the same way. If you wish to remove them from your profile, just click on the very same link, which will now say "Remove from Favorites"


I would like to upload my work, how do I do it?

Simply select the link on the main page marked "Get some perspective" and you will be presented with a page inhabited by empty dialog boxes. These are:

The title of your work.

What category your work belongs in.

 Chose your work's style from a dropdown list

Choose a sub-style If your work doesn't fit neatly into one style.

Number of pages:        
This number is used to calculate experience/reward points, please make sure this number is accurate.

Production notes:         
What was your Inspiration for writing this story? Did It come out as you originally intended? How long did it take to write? Who are your favorite characters? Etc., Etc.

Log Line:                        
A "log line" is a one-sentence summary of the pitch for a proposed movie or book. I.e.,    "Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she meets, then teams up with three complete strangers to kill again."
        -- Log Line for The Wizard of Oz, attributed to Richard Polito of the Marin Independent Journal, who writes humorously sarcastic briefs for the paper's daily TV listings.

The Adobe .PDF file that you want to upload. Press the browse button to locate it on your hard disk and select it. The Maximum file size is set at 10 Megabytes.

Choose an image on your hard disk to represent your work, like the cover of a book or DVD. Maximum image size is set at 200 KB, Maximum dimensions set at 200 x 200 pixels. You may need to alter the image you want with manipulation software in order to meet these requirements; however we are making efforts to relieve you of this extra effort.

All you need to do now is press the appropriate button at the bottom of the page and your work will upload. Depending on your connection and file size, it could take a few minutes so we ask you to be patient. Welcome to Fourth Perspective.


How will Fourth Perspective use my submitted work?

As stated in greater detail in our "Terms Of Use Agreement", we require only the ability to hold and otherwise manipulate the file with the single intent to promote and allow others to view it.


Does Fourth Perspective claim ownership of my work?

No, we have no claim to your work. You, as the author may withdraw, revise or option your work freely of your own volition at any time without penalty. You may do so instantly using the controls within your profile. Clearly marked as "Enable" and "Disable"

Once the "Disable" button is checked, the selected work will disappear from Fourth Perspective leaving no trace that it ever existed, other than the "Enable" button that will appear next to it's name. Once checked, the work will return with it's full status and details as if it never left at all. Uploaded works will be enabled by default.


Can Fourth Perspective protect my work against theft/plagiarism?

The following is an excerpt taken from a Wikipedia article on property which defines the spirit of the law clearly and concisely.

"In the broadest and simplest sense, spanning history and cultures around the world, property may be defined as the fruits of creative work. It is almost universally accepted that artwork belongs to the artist, or literature belongs to its author, or an invention belongs to its inventor. From this comes most, if not all, ancient and modern notions of property rights."

This statement insists that defining the authenticity of the first and true creator is the only variable in proving ownership. In order to infallibly achieve this, Fourth Perspective has been purposely designed as a completely automated system that instantaneously takes your works and indelibly associates it with your personal details and the precise date and time it was uploaded.

In answer to the question. We can, absolutely! Simply by having your work gazetted as your own in Fourth Perspective, you establish precedence and are thusly empowered to protect yourself in addition to dissuading prospective plagiarists. However this only applies to as we will defend the infallibility of our systems.

This valuable service, like all of our services are offered free of charge. Fourth Perspective is supported in entirety by it's sponsors and it's users.

This is the limit of our legal involvement and will take no part in a user's defense.


What are Experience levels?

Experience levels are represented simply as "playing cards" of ascending denomination and will appear next to a users name and profile picture, so that you may appreciate at a glance, the seniority and genuine experience of any member. The four suits and representations are as follows.

Hearts:             Normal users.
Clubs:              Moderators.
Diamonds:      Publisher/Director/Agent etc.
Spades:           Elite users.

If you wish to apply for the diamond suit, please send your credentials for review, so that I might save others the same effort and to help prevent fraud. Thank you.

Experience levels are not dictated by a cumulative number of points; but rather as a comparative percentage of points amongst users, i.e. If a user has an experience level of 5 out of 10 possible levels, this indicates that the person is in the middle of the users, roughly 50% of users are above and below that person. In the same way, if a user has a level of 1, 90% of the users have more points than that person and conversely, someone who is a level 10 has more points than 90% of the users.

I, as the administrator, architect and sole owner of Fourth Perspective, have taken myself out of the deck altogether and will be represented by the Joker card. 


What do the experience levels indicate?

The ranking system is dynamic and accurately portrays a user's genuine experience within the site. It is generally accepted that those highly regarded users have attained their position by a proficiency in writing, being well read or some combination of the two. However, being at the top is by no means a guarantee you will remain there. As I have mentioned previously, this is a dynamic system, and your ranking may decline as quickly as you may have earned it. In order to justify your rank, you need only maintain your level of participation.

This accumulated authority is reflected in our review system and makes the formula for the yield of each vote quite simple...


How does experience effect voting?

Vote = user's level x one vote.   I.e., a level five will have the power of 5 votes. This does not however, increase the rewards you will receive as a voter but your decision will weigh very heavily on whatever work you may be reviewing, so it is of  the greatest importance that you do not take your responsibility lightly.
In this way, it is also a measure of screening out user created aliases designed to vote on their own works, the phoney's votes won't be worth much at all and a mass of invented phonies will be easy to spot and flag. Which brings us to...


What is flagging? has been designed from the ground up to encourage users who do the right thing, and is constantly developing methods to enforce fair and equitable treatment of all users. However there are always those that will attempt to discover loopholes in the system and exploit them. If you notice or even suspect anything untoward, please notify me or one of my moderators immediately. If your suspicions are proved correct, you will receive whatever benefit (or share of) the offender was trying to gain.


How does Fourth Perspective deal with Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is above and beyond the most serious offence that can be committed and will attract equally serious penalties within the powers of the website. It requires the user to knowingly upload and claim ownership of works they did not create. If you suspect a document to be blatantly plagiarized from an already existing published work, please contact me immediately, being sure to include as much information as possible in regards to the origins of the work in question. We will resolve the matter as soon as possible.

I say blatant cut and paste style Plagiarism, because Fourth Perspective receives a huge amount of documents and it's likely that simply by chance, works could be very similar in any aspect without the following author's prior knowledge of earlier works. Unless it's a clear case of Author-swapping, Fourth perspective will give the benefit of the doubt and not penalize authors of similar styles.

If you're the author of the original work and wish to pursue this matter legally, then by all means, have at it. Just  leave Fourth Perspective out of it, we have and want no part in it as is extensively documented in our "TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT" which you have agreed to simply by visiting and using the services within Fourth Perspective. If you yourself are sued for any reason, Fourth Perspective will not and cannot be held responsible.

Do not submit plagiarized or illegal content!

If you discover some excellent literature that is not already available on FourthPerspective, despite your best intentions we ask that you do not upload it yourself. Instead, contact the author and suggest that they add it of their own volition and to their own personal account.  


How do I  gain experience points?

There are many ways to receive points:

Participating in marketing surveys.
Reviewing reviews.
Visiting and posting in the forums.
Voting in and winning competitions/arbitrary awards.
Having FourthPerspective newsletters sent to you periodically.
Successfully flagging submissions for moderator review.

But the three main ways are:

1. Uploading works.

Uploaded works will be given a set number of points per page depending on what style of literature it is. The most generous to the least, is as follows:

Poetry.                                       X5
Teleplays.                                 X4
Short stories.                           X3
Screenplays - Stageplays     X2
Novels - Fan Fiction               X1

I.e. A two page poem would receive 1000 points, and a 10 page novel (if there was such a thing) would also receive 1000 points. I think this system is equitable in terms of effort. But no doubt will provide a source for heated debate.

2. Having your uploaded works reviewed.

Simply put. Points awarded to the author is representative of the reviewers experience and their reaction to the chosen work. How this is achieved is explained in simple terms below.

Assume a level 1 user gives a work top marks, simplistically a "10". also assume level 1 is worth 100 and they voted 10, so 100 x 10 = 1000 points would go to the author. However it must be kept in mind that the higher level a user has, his voting power will increase and the rewards will increase equally. This can be used to give an accurate and powerful assessment of the work since higher users will possess real and valuable experience.

3. Reviewing Works.

The reviewer will be given points equal to the number of pages in the work, using a similar but more complex percentage formula to the ranking system. The current amount of reviews that particular work has accumulated will then be compared to the number of reviews other works have received.

I.e., assume the work uploaded has 100 pages and also assume that 82% of the submissions had a higher number of reviews than this one. The reviewer would then receive half of the worth of those 100 pages which is 41%.

The worth of each page has been balanced for a fair and enticing system, for continuing simplicity, lets assume it's 100. In the example above, the reviewer would receive 4,100 points.

However, after you have read and reviewed the work, you will then be given the option of doubling your review points simply by reading the current reviews on that work and judging each one by choosing a number from one to ten, in terms of ascending relevancy and constructiveness to the piece you have just read. Once again, do not take this lightly as your impression of each review will lead to an individual being named as best reviewer each week. This is also an excellent opportunity to discover reviews that may look suspiciously similar or blatantly incorrect.


I have received or seen a questionable review, what do I do?

This may be an indication that the reviewer merely skimmed the work, did not read it in entirety or may simply have sharply contrasting perspective to the norm or yourself. In these situations it's important to give users the benefit of the doubt and not to jump to conclusions, if however you believe there is a distinct indication of misconduct, you need only make myself or my moderators aware of it and we shall decide the best course of action.


Why are equal works worth different points for review?

You may not have noticed in the earlier section where review points are discussed in detail, that the mathematical formula applied to the distribution of points is heavily favoured toward works that have received few or no reviews. This is the major factor that dictates review rewards; however there are also a few other factors involved such as "Carousel" and  "Stipend".


What is Carousel?

A reference to the 1970's movie "Logan's Run" where the old go to be *reborn*.

Carousel is necessary to counteract a natural lull in the rate at which an older work gathers perspectives. In short, it makes works increasingly attractive to prospective reviewers over a certain period of time and guaranteeing a predictable flow of perspectives. Carousel is the name given to a slow but considerable increase in reward points that is added to each of your submitted works once per day on your visit.

If you do not visit FourthPerspective on a daily basis, you will not be credited with Carousel for that day and may not receive further reviews on your works. "There is no sanctuary"


What is a Stipend?

If you desire reviews on your work sooner rather than later, you may opt to donate some of your own points as a stipend to the prospective reviewer in order to make your chosen works more attractive. Rest assured, using this function will in no way damage your review score and depending on how much you're willing to spend, will dramatically hasten your work's eventual position in the ranking system. It will however damage your experience levels in the long term.


Which works will give me the most Perspective Reward points?

In short, the most deserving of your review will also earn you the greatest number of points. Makes sense doesn't it?
Every work has reward points and you won't have to look far to find them, but some have more reward points on offer than others and it's expected that you (the perceiver) should want to help out an overlooked author and make an obscene amount of points in the process.

That's why we've arranged a descending list of the works with the most reward points, cross-referenced with the number of pages that work has, so you make the most of your time and make the author's day at the same time.


There's so many perceivers out there! Is there any guarantee I'll get the Perspective points stated when I'm finished reading and reviewing?

Of course there is, of course you will! The last thing we want you to do is rush a book or script in order to gazump other perceivers! That is neither fair, fun or clever for all parties concerned. To combat this problem, we have installed a system to watch the users who download the work in question presuming they will indeed read it. This system is called:


In this unique system, the first perceiver will be given adequate time to not only read; but to enjoy the work and write an accurate perspective when they're finished without fear of someone else nabbing their rewards. In order to achieve this, the perceiver will press the aptly named button on that work's page. Once confirmed, the perceiver's name and picture will now appear on the work's individual page in a special section labeled "Now Reading" and the available Perspective reward points on that work will reduce as if the perceiver had already given his perspective.

In addition to their username, a count down timer will appear, showing the available time the perceiver has to read the work and make their perspective. If the perspective is made within this time, the perceiver will gain the exact amount of points at the time kibosh was started, and both the timer and the perceiver's username will vanish from the page. If the time should expire, the perspective reward points on the work will return and the user's name will also disappear from the page.
There is no penalty for letting the time expire, and you may still make your perspective at a later date, but you may not put the kibosh on that work again.

The amount of time given will never be less than 24 hours, even on a single page of poetry. For longer works, simply divide the number of pages by 10 and the answer will equal the number of days to complete. I.e., Kibosh will give you 30 days (one month) to read a 300 page novel.

-You may only put the Kibosh on one work at a time, you may of course choose to turn off kibosh using the appropriate button in order to put it on something else; but you may not restart it again on the original work, so choose carefully.
-If they so choose, multiple users can put the kibosh on the same work and-
-This function is not available to guests of Fourth Perspective that do not yet have user accounts.


I have just submitted my work, why doesn't it have a ranking?

In order to prevent wild fluctuations in the ranking lists, all newly submitted works require at least ten votes to temper the score before they will be included. Ten votes may sound like a lot, but we have also taken the personal experience of the perceiver and their respective levels into account. Therefore, you may reach your ten votes criteria through the perspectives of ten level 1 users or, that of a single perspective by an expert level 10 user.


Most of my work's review reward points have disappeared! What happened?

To quote Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy,  "DON'T PANIC!"

To prevent one work receiving an influx of high level votes or making pariahs
of lower level users, as explained above, a level 5 user's vote will be counted as 5 separate votes and the prospective reward will be reduced respectively. A large drop in points is likely due to a high level user either putting the "kibosh" on your work or adding their perspective. This will in turn add a huge amount of power to their informed vote, depleting your review reward points and increasing your own perspective points by the same amount in the process.

This method is quite equitable considering you will either acquire a few informed perspectives on your work from highly experienced users, or a handful of opinions from lesser users over the same length of time


There are eight works showcased on the front page. Can I put mine up there?

There's no reason why not; but believe me when I say that I have little control over what works appear on the front page. Who does? You might ask.

The short answer is: You do. The users have full control over the showcased items, decided entirely through your voting habits. Each work will remain on the front page for one whole week, and at the end of this time a new winner will be declared. It should be noted that the same work will not appear on the front page more than once a year in the same category but may appear again that year in different categories, excluding our Auction.

The categories are:

Best Concept  
Best Characters
Best Dialogue
Best Story
Best Presentation
Best Overall
Best Reviewer
And our Auction category...


What is the Auction?

Just like in real life if you believe strongly enough in your own work, you can put your money where your mouth is and thrust whatever work you choose into the public eye at great personal expense. The same is true here at FourthPerspective! And just like real life, if your work is a success you'll get it all back and much, much more, but if it isn't... well... you'll be financially ruined, but we don't talk about those people.

The currency? Your Perspective points of course! They were hard won I know; but if you're dying to get rid of them then here's how you do it.
Just navigate to the main page by clicking the banner, once there you should see a link to the auction, click on it.

You will then be presented with a descending list of users on the left side of the screen with the highest current bid located at the top. In the center of the screen you will see what it is you are bidding on, your current amount of perspective points, how much you will need to top the highest bid, a box where you may enter your bid and a button to send it, should you wish to participate.

Of course you'll wish to participate, what a silly question! If you win there's no doubt you'll receive a good deal of perspectives and the points that follow; but take a step back and get a "Fourth perspective" on things for a moment. There's a select few amongst our regular users who's briefest attention is a most valuable commodity.

Any reduction in your Perspective points will have an equally negative effect on your current experience level.


Every time I enter a bid in the auction I'm outbid straight away, what's going on?

Proxy bidding, it's the favoured method of online auction available, just ask E-bay. When you make a bid on the auction, it is considered the best practice to only make one bid, which is the most you're willing to pay; however under the rules of proxy bidding, that doesn't mean you will have to pay that full amount. Instead, the computer will bid for you on your behalf up to that amount, just covering the bids of the other contenders until either your highest bid is surpassed or the time runs out at which point you win the auction.

When this happens, your work will be instantly moved to the front page and your points will be debited by the amount of the winning bid. To all the others that bid but didn't win, your points will have already been returned to you the moment you were outbid.


You've given us a plethora of features and things we can do, what can't we do?

While using the Site or the Services, you must not:
-Restrict or inhibit any other visitor or member from using the Site or the Services;
-Post or communicate any of visitor or member's real world information (name, address, account name, etc.) through the Site or the Services;
-Transmit any content or information that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, obscene, hateful, fraudulent or otherwise objectionable content, or infringes on our or any third party's intellectual property or other rights;
-Transmit any information, software, or other material that contains a virus, worm, time bomb or other harmful or disruptive component;
-Post or transmit chain letters or pyramid marketing schemes;
-Post or transmit unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, or other forms of solicitation;
-Modify, adapt, sublicense, translate, sell, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any portion of the Site, the Services, or the software underlying either of them, or modify any materials downloaded from the Site;
-Modify, copy, or tamper with any content that you may access through the Site, or use any content that you might access through the Site or the Services for any reason other than reading, viewing, listening to or reviewing such content;
-Collect, harvest or disclose information about other Site visitors or members without their consent;
-Do any act which interferes with or slows the operation of the Site or the Services;
-Use any application or other device or process to retrieve, index or reproduce or circumvent the navigational structure or presentation of the Site, the Services or their contents; or
-Use the Site or Services for any unlawful purpose.
In addition, please do not upload your works into categories that they do not belong in. This means that a work that is clearly a screenplay should not be submitted to the poety category, etc... Failure to properly store works in the correct locations will result in those works being removed. Constant disregard for the organization of the site will be viewed as Site Abuse


I've got a problem you haven't covered!

The smooth and trouble-free operation of for our valued members is our highest priority, if you have any questions, comments, critiques or commendations I would love to hear from you.  If your correspondence is especially useful or enlightening, I will reward you for your time in writing me.
Once again, welcome to Fourth Perspective.


This concludes our F.A.Q. Documentation that forms part of our terms of service, If for any reason, or to any degree, you cannot or will not abide by these legally binding pages, including the "Terms of Service Agreement", you must exit this site immediately and destroy any resident material relating to your visit(s) with the intention to never return.

On the other hand, if you agree to abide by the rules and guidelines as stated above then please enjoy your stay with us.

Your host.

Michael Danton.



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