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Top Rated Erotica

Wanna Cyber
Perspectives: 5
Votes: 33
BlueFlameSkulls's Avatar
Posted by: BlueFlameSkulls
2007-05-01 14:30:35
Style: Comedy
Number of pages: 3
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Wanna Cyber
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Perspective Reward Points: 49
Carousel Reward Points: 0
Log Line:
When two nerds get together.
Production Notes:
I love this story so much when I made it. To my friends in my programming course they loved it and it will always be one of my favourites. One day I may make a flash movie out of this. But it isn't as good as my "surprise sex" story which I believe is possible the most well written story I've ever written.
Latest Perspective on Wanna Cyber
Sistine's Avatar
Posted by: Sistine
2008-04-01 14:00:02
Concept: 17
Characters: 17
Dialogue: 19
Presentation: 18
Plot: 18
For proving that I'm not a loser--I didn't understand a damned word of that!

Otherwise, pretty good, if predictable.
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