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Top Rated Fanfiction

Fan Fiction.

Fan fiction (also commonly spelled as fanfiction and frequently abbreviated to fanfic or occasionally just FF or fic) is a broadly-defined term for fiction about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creators. Your FanFiction Short stories, screenplays, novelle, novels, teleplays and stageplays for any theatical production of a fanfictonal nature should all go in here.
Posted by: Sistine
The child only wants out, but a scheming world has much more than a daring escape in plan for him.
Rating: 0.00
Perspectives: 0
Votes: 0
The Free and the Hated
Realities clash in this bloody retelling of Tolkien\'s classic battle.
Rating: 79.36
Perspectives: 2
Votes: 22
The Massacre of Helm's Deep
Posted by: Coop83
The Imperium was scouting a potential mining planet, and certain lifeforms were engaging in battle on the surface. Here is the report.
Rating: 64.80
Perspectives: 2
Votes: 25
Observer's Report
Posted by: UrbanAncient
The Doctor and Martha are in the time before time, watching time happen. Sounds confusing... not nearly half as bad as what happens to The Doctor and Martha...
Rating: 67.54
Perspectives: 2
Votes: 24
Beyond Science
Posted by: L-C
8 people have recently joined a club called "The Club". A club which allows people to beat on combatants with guns.
Rating: 34.33
Perspectives: 3
Votes: 27
Welcome To The Club Seager
A fobidden love which dares not speak. One loves one as a friend the other desires.
Rating: 76.20
Perspectives: 3
Votes: 35
Martin Septim
Posted by: L-C
Mr. Pink's escape.
Rating: 66.45
Perspectives: 6
Votes: 62
Mr. Pink.
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