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Observer's Report
Perspectives: 2
Votes: 25
Coop83's Avatar
Posted by: Coop83
2007-03-27 07:01:48
Style: War/Fantasy
Number of pages: 2
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Observer's Report
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Perspective Reward Points: 53
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Log Line:
The Imperium was scouting a potential mining planet, and certain lifeforms were engaging in battle on the surface. Here is the report.
Production Notes:
You may wish to read the enclosed details (bottom of page 1 / top page 2) to enhance your reading of this short burst.

It would ahve been longer, but this is an actual account of how I got my arse well and truly spanked by my best mate's forces in a game of Warhammer 40k on Sunday.
Latest Perspective on Observer's Report
Tri-Nitro-Toluene's Avatar
Posted by: Tri-Nitro-Toluene
2007-04-02 01:21:21
Make it longer
Concept: 19
Characters: 10
Dialogue: 12
Presentation: 16
Plot: 13
I have to agree with Zerok. You have a wonderful concept in the military report here but the length of the piece lets it down.

If you could expand on this so it was a series of reports on a war or whatever, then you'll be cooking with gas I think.
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