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Martin Septim
Perspectives: 3
Votes: 35
BlueFlameSkulls's Avatar
Posted by: BlueFlameSkulls
2007-04-11 10:36:36
Style: Romance
Number of pages: 3
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Martin Septim
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Perspective Reward Points: 40
Carousel Reward Points: 0
Log Line:
A fobidden love which dares not speak. One loves one as a friend the other desires.
Production Notes:

Not one of my best stories as I had to recycle an existing story and make it a love story.

I didn't enjoy writing this but maybe you'll enjoy reading it.
Past Revisions:
2007-04-11 09:42:58
Latest Perspective on Martin Septim
Michael Danton's Avatar
Posted by: Michael Danton
2007-04-15 07:59:29
Surprisingly decent!
Concept: 19
Characters: 15
Dialogue: 10
Presentation: 15
Plot: 12
An abridged rendition of oblivion as told by a homosexual Elf. That's got to be worth a 19 for concept right there!
However because you told such an immense story in so little time, there's no possible way you could ever be expected to do any character development. It was only what we knew of the existing story already that kept it going, kept it moving. It was less a story than a reminder of the events within the game.

The only real change to the story was the gay perspective and quite frankly the novelty of that was starting to wear thin since there was no interaction to build it up. As Zerok has said before me, this is an incredible ask and could never have afforded any detail crucial to warrant anything except a 2nd or 4th perspective, and to a degree it was a 2nd perspective story because to me it seemed the protagonist wasn't your Elf, but it was infact Martin.

It's Oblivion in a nutshell, a gay nutshell.

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