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Perspectives: 5
Votes: 21
Zerok's Avatar
Posted by: Zerok
2007-03-26 17:18:32
Style: Drama/Adventure
Number of pages: 22
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Perspective Reward Points: 755
Carousel Reward Points: 20
Log Line:
Small things can snowball out of control.
Production Notes:
You may notice that at the end the story sort of cuts out, as if there's more. Well, that's because this piece was orginally supposed to be Chapter One of a novel that I was working on. But I cut it because it was way too deviant from the main plot of the novel. However, this stand-alone quality makes for a nice little novella, so try to think of it as its own story and rate it as such.
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WritersBlock's Avatar
Posted by: WritersBlock
2008-06-18 05:24:30
I'll leave my comments
Concept: 18
Characters: 18
Dialogue: 18
Presentation: 19
Plot: 15
Despite the fact that it was uploaded a long time ago. I just saw it and then had a closer look, and next thing I know, I'm reading the whole thing.

This is a very well written story. A lot of effort, a lot of thought. I really enjoyed reading it. The characters were very good, very easy to relate to. The presentation was very slick, so overall, it's very well rounded. The thing I liked least about it was how the characters have their part in the beginning, but the introduction was to set up for this completely different character, so by the time the story had drifted away from the school, I wanted to know what was happening with the two initial characters, but in hind sight the whole point of the story, and the "snowball" was to drastically change and grow into a turbulent and unexpected series of events, which you did very well.
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