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The Delusion Duology
Perspectives: 1
Votes: 1
WritersBlock's Avatar
Posted by: WritersBlock
2008-10-31 08:15:28
Style: Horror/Thriller
Number of pages: 10
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The Delusion Duology
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Perspective Reward Points: 561
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Log Line:
An abandoned toy factory, the dark shadows of the hospital hallways, and a psychopathic clown. Madnes ensues.
Production Notes:
I wrote this as two "episodes" of the whole story, each to be turned into animations. I thought I'd submit this as is, as I had to get into a dark place to write this. It was tough, but I think the result is one of my best yet. I hope it proves to be a gripping and entertaining read.
Latest Perspective on The Delusion Duology
luckynumberslevin's Avatar
Posted by: luckynumberslevin
2009-11-13 22:02:55
Good original story
Concept: 20
Characters: 15
Dialogue: 15
Presentation: 18
Plot: 20
When I read this story I had the video game condemned 2 in mind. The toy shop and walking dolls. This is a good horror story. When I started to read it from start to finish I just could not stop reading it was gripping. I wanted to know what happened next. The characters did not really have that much to them no history just a name and a body, but the plot and presentation makes up for it. I will be sure to keep a look out for your new stories
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