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Reality. Chapter 2.
Perspectives: 5
Votes: 25
L-C's Avatar
Posted by: L-C
2007-05-10 11:37:17
Style: Action/Fantasy
Number of pages: 3
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Reality. Chapter 2.
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Perspective Reward Points: 79
Carousel Reward Points: 0
Log Line:
A man collapses to find out his world is fake. He wakes up in the real world only to find out it is a lot different to his old world.
Production Notes:
Recently, my internet was cut off without reason. During then, I wrote chapter 2 for a short story I wrote with the same title.

When I will write chapter 3 is unknown since there is another story I am meant to be writing a chapter for eventurally called White Larynx. I may load it up upon request or once I'm done with it. Sadly, that wouldn't be any time soon due to my GCSE exams coming up.

I am also unsure how good this new chapter is personally.
Latest Perspective on Reality. Chapter 2.
CL Swartz's Avatar
Posted by: CL Swartz
2010-08-18 02:25:33
Great Concept
Concept: 16
Characters: 15
Dialogue: 14
Presentation: 14
Plot: 15
Great Idea to attach the document. The concept and plot is still good.

A little more description maybe. I am still not sure whether I like the lead but I am sure I don't trust the other guy.

Well written
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