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Reality. Chapter 3.
Perspectives: 5
Votes: 37
L-C's Avatar
Posted by: L-C
2007-06-11 01:24:17
Style: Action/Fantasy
Number of pages: 4
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Reality. Chapter 3.
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Perspective Reward Points: 49
Carousel Reward Points: 0
Log Line:
A man collapses suddenly after the realization that the world he was living in is fake. He wakes up in the real world to find out that it is very different to the world he knew and was used to.
Production Notes:
I know this took a while, partly because I didn't want to rush it. I wanted to make it slowly to make sure there was as much quality as possible. As far as I can tell, it's showing. The latest chapter seems to be at least OK.

The next chapter, I may try to get a new image due to the main character not being in a "coma" state any more. I may, I may not.
Latest Perspective on Reality. Chapter 3.
CL Swartz's Avatar
Posted by: CL Swartz
2010-08-18 02:40:17
Great Concept
Concept: 16
Characters: 15
Dialogue: 13
Presentation: 15
Plot: 16
I am getting a better sense of the plot and probably a better feel for the lead.

You could add more dialogue or expand on the interior thought. Overall, I am still looking forward to the next chapter.
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