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West From Hell Ch. 3
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Posted by: MattMan657
2007-07-13 21:52:51
Style: Western/Action
Number of pages: 11
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West From Hell Ch. 3
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Log Line:
Witness the next obstacle Thomas most overcome in order to reach the ol' west...
Production Notes:
For one reason or another this chapter took me longer to write than anything I have ever written. Why? Well it could have been a few reasons. One obviously is that I went away and am still away. For the first two weeks I did not have regular access to a computer, but once I got my laptop things took quite a change for the better.

The second reason is most likely the real cause. I went into this chapter not totaly sure where I was going. I had all these phenomenal ideas but I couldn't piece them all together. It eventually led me into a dead end. I feel The Platforms allowed me to overcome this obstacle. I began to reread my work and I decided to begin revising them and begin submitting them here. After uploading EP. 2, I had finally found my way out of the dark tunnel once more.

The number one thing I did not want to do when writing this novel was rush the story until they reached the west. I wanted it and still want it to be spread out and equal in pace. Of course the bulk of the novel will take place in the west, but Thomas still had a life in the east and it deserved to be exploited for your reading purposes. That is why chapter three scenes the way it does.

Anyways. My dear writers, readers, reviewers and listeners alike, please excuse the wait for you have my deepest condolences. But now rejoice as the third installment has arrived. So please, ladies and gentlemen, West From Hell.
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