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As a screenplay or script is a blueprint for producing a motion picture, a script for a television program is often called a teleplay. The format rules for hour dramas, like CSI, and single-camera sitcoms, like Scrubs, are essentially the same as for motion pictures. The main difference is that TV scripts have act breaks. Multi-camera sitcoms, like Two and a Half Men, use a different, specialized format that derives from radio and the stage play. The number of pages in a teleplay, like a screenplay should equal the screentime in minutes.
When their lives end, their story begins.

In this episode of the new series "Ghost Town," we learn more about the events leading up to Kevin's death as the tenants begin to settle into their afterlives.
Rating: 89.00
Perspectives: 2
Votes: 24
Ghost Town Episode 2: "Life's a B*tch"
When their lives end, their story begins.

The very first episode of a new sci-fi/drama/action series, hopefully to be made via Flash for Newgrounds.

"Ghost Town" is the story of group of strangers from all walks of life forced together at "Ghost Town" 13-T, Tartarus to spend a good part of their afterlife. In this episode, the tenants travel to Tartarus and learn just where they are, while we learn details of one of the character's lives.
Rating: 89.15
Perspectives: 5
Votes: 41
Ghost Town Episode 1: "Soul Train"
Posted by: Michael Danton
1930's New York City. In the darkest days of the great depression, blackmail, intimidation and murder is a way of life and it's all in a days work for "Chickenhead" Panetti and "Flush" Boscio, two aging mob enforcers sent to investigate the brutal beating of a young "cugine".
Rating: 91.47
Perspectives: 8
Votes: 38
Posted by: Michael Danton
A pantomime tale of a young man who would once again betray his nature, but will he pay the ultimate price for a love that can never be?
Rating: 89.96
Perspectives: 7
Votes: 52
Posted by: UrbanAncient
Shaun 'n' Jordan,
Ones a moron,
One's just unlucky!
Rating: 27.78
Perspectives: 2
Votes: 18
Shaun 'n' Jordan Series One
Posted by: L-C
Officer Bernard, Bob and Fran in action.
Rating: 47.73
Perspectives: 4
Votes: 37
South Hill
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