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South Hill
Perspectives: 4
Votes: 37
L-C's Avatar
Posted by: L-C
2007-06-19 00:19:05
Style: Comedy/Crime
Number of pages: 5
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South Hill
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Log Line:
Officer Bernard, Bob and Fran in action.
Production Notes:
As you may be able to tell, I stole the comedy style, the personalities and the names off Black Books. I wrote this a while ago for Media Studies but have only recently remembered to bring it home.

This was first going to be a drama cop show, but I could not stand it so I added a little comedy to it which I guess now makes it a sitcom.

I also sadly forgot the character descriptions so I will sum it up fast

Bernard (similar to Bernard in Black Books) Is between 20 and 30. Moved from Ireland to stay away from his mother. Stays at work often but hardly does any work. Does not care about the community and just considers the job easy money. Normally has a scruffy appearance. He is a high ranking officer but no one quite knows how he got there.

Bob (slightly similar to Manny in Black Books) Is in his 50s or 60s. Should of been cut out for being a builder but some how passed the police tests. Is always working and trying correct the community but sometimes mess things up. He is often helping Bernard out when Fran has not arrived yet. He come to work in smart uniform.

Fran (Slightly similar to Fran in Black Books) Is between 35 and 45. She is the receptionist. She arrives to South Hill police station at about 8 or 9am. She is often caring of Bernard. She acts more stupid and oblivious than she really is, sometime smiling to look it. She comes to work in smart uniform except for a long black skirt that reaches her heels. While others have complained about it, she has always won the argument by talking about comfort issues and how she is just behind a desk that is just below shoulder height.

This is all based in a police station in a suburb of a large town. Bob has been told off a couple of times for arresting people who should be taken to the more larger police station West Hill. But Bob refuses to listens as he claims \"Why should I let people commit crimes just so a bunch of guys who just play poker all day can arrest them every time they can not afford another buy in?\".

And I think thats everything.
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Dr. E. Worm's Avatar
Posted by: Dr. E. Worm
2007-08-27 13:48:28
Concept: 5
Characters: 3
Dialogue: 7
Presentation: 10
Plot: 1
All I read was some uninteresting conversation between three poorly developed characters. The whole thing just seems very incomplete.

Also, while I'm not familiar with the source material, it seems that you've stolen enough that this should be in Fan Fiction, not Teleplays.
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