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Michael Danton's Avatar
Posted by: Michael Danton
2007-03-07 19:42:10
Style: Sci-Fi/Romance
Number of pages: 9
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Perspective Reward Points: 23
Carousel Reward Points: 260
Log Line:
A pantomime tale of a young man who would once again betray his nature, but will he pay the ultimate price for a love that can never be?
Production Notes:
This is one in a series of short films that I have written for use in music based animations. I was originally approached by a fellow who asked for a brutal bloodfest in which a creature of infinite malevolence devours dozens of screaming victims in an attempt to restore his health and continue his rampage.

One week later I showed him his finished script, a beautiful love story.

He was of course taken aback by the subtle strength of this work and immediately agreed to do the film; however he would later tell me in all honesty that his skill just wasn't up to the task and just couldn't do it justice.
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Sistine's Avatar
Posted by: Sistine
2008-07-09 17:06:57
Never before has I so enjoyed brainhurt.
Concept: 19
Characters: 17
Dialogue: 18
Presentation: 19
Plot: 19
Even upon a second read, I am having trouble deciphering the true story behind this intriguing venture. And yet, I find myself not midning, and delving into the tale again and again, because it's simply such a clever idea, such a novel concept.

I know little to nothing about screenplays, but I can attest that I throuroughly enjoyed this piece.

The few grammatical mistakes hardly damage this gem's shine, however I'd note that halfway through, you changed the spelling of the girl's name from 'Katherine' to 'Kathyrn' for a split second, but reverted back to the original spelling after that ocassion.

Overall, kudos, Michael. You have again won my respect in the arts of literature.
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