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The Last Minute Man
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Posted by: Michael Danton
2008-08-15 11:35:01
Style: Sci-Fi/Action
Number of pages: 129
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The Last Minute Man
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Log Line:
Alien ships suddenly appear in orbit around the planet earth with a bizarre proposition for mankind.
Many years later, an elite team of international special forces awaken from cryogenic sleep and discover the human race is now extinct, yet... They are not alone.
Production Notes:
This was originally a screenplay made for the Australian 'Project Green-Light' A series that, after three series has subsequently been axed after 99.999% of entrants discovered that it's not about them and they're just getting used over and over again.

Even the winners are nothing inspirational, the winner of the competition I was in "Solo" was a decent film but nothing special, the ending was especially bad and lost all subtlety... Maybe he was like me? Maybe he was in a rush to get it out there...

As you can see from my notes, I had to cut quite a bit out from this film to get it down to what they found acceptable... Granted there's still a lot more to cut and add to this film should I feel the need to polish it up. I hope your perspectives will give me some insight into that process.

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