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A Stageplay is a blueprint for producing a live theatrical play. Stageplays are either adaptations from previous works (such as a novel, TV-show, or short story) or original works. A play, written by a playwright, or dramatist, is a form of literature, almost always consisting of dialog between characters, and intended for performance rather than reading. However "play" refers both to the written works of playwrights and to their complete theatrical performance. Overture, hit the lights!
Posted by: tazeena
This is very random. Essentially six short monologues spoken by three women. One speaks of love, one life and one the universe. There is no plot or storyline, simply musings on experiences and life. It is not really a proper play. It is the first time i have tried to turn something i wrote into something that could be performed so feedback is more than welcome Smile
Rating: 83.00
Perspectives: 1
Votes: 13
Love, life and the Universe
Posted by: Vodka
Good men die all the time, sometimes they die twice.
Rating: 78.03
Perspectives: 5
Votes: 36
You and what army
Posted by: batc
Rating: 0.00
Perspectives: 4
Votes: 42
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