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Well, as I've mentioned before on a number of occasions, I have my diploma of education now and after an appointed stint of teaching up the coast, I have come to the conclusion that there is very little I don't know or have experienced as a teacher. Now that this section of my education has been completed, I am suddenly presented with an unpleasant decision that I'm certain had also influenced my last news post. My choices were:

1. I could use the qualifications I already have... And get kicked from one organization to another like some thoughtless beast of burden. Shoulder to shoulder and lumped in with all the other hopefuls who thought they'd get a fair shake. I'm even treated like a pariah in my own damn country.

2. I could go and get a teaching degree... And then I'm thinking to myself, four years... FOUR YEARS! FOR A PIECE OF PAPER! What use does this piece of paper serve? All it is, is merely a decoration. You might think that I'll increase my knowledge of teaching and improve my skill as a teacher; but I'll refer you again to my first paragraph. My training was highly technical, practical and any further education would be remedial. Four years of remediation no less to simply flatter prospective employers.

After my most recent spate of applications, 32 in an evening, I was met by silence and a few who didn't even bother looking at my CV before asking nebulous questions. I did get one refusal though "All positions have been filled" and that was directly after they asked me a series of questions regarding my teaching protocol- which I returned the very same day. I want to go to university, work my ass off for four years and get a degree so I can flatter these people? I'd rather get a steam-roller's license and flatten them! Twisted Evil

3. There is always another option and one in which I have invested myself completely. In regards to the various English schools throughout the world to which I have made appeals, I have been treated like a sub-caste, less a human and more like a baton light-bulb in a world full of screws. A product that lives to serve a purpose, and when one should be defective or burn out, they are unceremoniously cast off.
On more than one occasion in my despair, I have thought and said to myself. "Y'know, if I were running things, I would individually write back to everyone and treat them with all due respect". It doesn't have to be much- just a recognition of their efforts which is all anyone really wants in life. Then I thought to myself...

Well, why couldn't I run things? I have management skills, I have a great knowledge of building, real-estate, I have travelled throughout the world and I'm certain I can teach English as well or better than anyone with a BA... Why couldn't I? Now the search is on and hence invoke the topic of this post, I've come full circle and once again I'm investigating various countries in regards to their visa, working, and local demand for English teaching. You may recall I mentioned Paraguay as a great place to investigate? Well it's true, the visa requirements are very relaxed and so are the laws in regards to foreign investment. I can go there and start straight away as an entrepreneur; but like any good businessman I must consider all countries and opportunities for advancement.

Nothing works out the way you plan; but I believe it is always better to reach for the sublime and not reach it, than to achieve mediocrity.


"I wouldn't say abrasive. I'd rather say you're a cool soothing groove with a hint of jazz..."

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