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Jeri Batsford.

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Jeri Batsford.
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The name, of course, is nothing but nonsense. A seemingly fitting title for anything that will appear on the front page of what used to be a moderately popular website, long since fallen into obscurity. Those that remain check these now barren annals but once every blue moon. I happen to return because this website is what saved me. You may think I'm on about a lot of rubbish, but hear me out, you will then understand how my place was found as a result of this website.

Summer of 2007 was not fun, for me. My mother, who had returned to school to get a degree in radiology, was hitting tough times both emotionally and financially. It had since been 5 years since her and my father's divorce, and while my father had kept up his end of the child support, tuition costs were exorbitant. My mother was in no place to be single-handedly raising an adolescent that had just discovered the internet. Her temper was livid near constantly, leaving me no solitude but the distance across a small second-story landing, the above levels of what my grandparents also called home. But then, a revelation. My mother had gotten sick of our Dell computer, one which I cherished as a way to play my favorite game at the time, Counter-Strike: Source. So she handed down the computer to me, purchasing an HP desktop that would be her own. We of course had to set up a wireless connection as my mother was very picky about aesthetics, and having a wire across the hall was not going to do.

Then it became that every time we would get into an argument, rather than sit on my bed and mull over the events, I used the internet as my way of getting my anger out. In my early stages I did indeed post a lot of rubbish. I was fanatical with the concept of zombies and the undead, so the brunt of my writing was focused on the subject. I posted on Newgrounds quite feverishly between 2006 and 2008, and it was there that I first got the Private Message. To this day, I don't know who it was from. My ability to log into the account I held so dearly back then has been hindered by the fact that I no longer know the password, but I digress. It said that my writing was good, and if I were to ever consider making an effort to get it better, to join the linked website. And I did have that motivation, and the URL led me to here. To my salvation from the torment of my mother and the absence of my father. It was here that I learned that using "lolz" and "xD" were not held on a pedestal to every day life, opposite from that of a pre-teen entering 6th grade. Michael Danton became somewhat of an idol, his writing so eloquent and fluid, and I tried my hardest to become what I could not be at that young of an age.

With my maturity level rising and my suffering now at a bare minimum, I realized that I didn't have to simply take the verbal harrassment that was given to me. I learned that when presented in a democratic way, I was able to convey my feelings to my mother, who took no notice of it and continued on. I was pleased with the fact that now I could shout back across the hall instead of maintaining my silence. I submitted "No Ammo Left", "Left Alone" as my adventures in middle school progressed. As a matter of fact I used my real friends' names in that, and actually my locker combination as well. I wanted it to be as realistic as possible, so people understood me, so that my voice out of many was heard. But here we are today, returning to a website that once was my everything, with my idol now so distant. I genuinely hope one day, sometime in the future, I am able to fly to Australia, currently where Danton lives, and shake the man's hand that made my writing, my life, my motivation everything that it is today.

Take it easy everyone.
-Zack Murray (ToxicKlay)

The rich would have to eat money if food wasn't provided by the poor.
-Russian proverb

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Hopefully Michael will return at some point, he's a really great guy right enough.

Now that we've both said nice things, he has to pop up and post!

In 3,2,1-
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Michael Danton
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This Message is repeated again in the news as its content effects everyone, especially me. I put it here so neither letter would get lost in time as they are both extremely precious to me.

Speak of the devil, and the devil, he appears! (he takes his damn sweet time but appears nonetheless)

Firstly I must say that I am shamed by the infrequency of my visits of late, it has been a month since the last time I checked on things here and honestly I didn't expect anything new to have occurred in my absence. Perhaps more truthfully, the reason I haven't returned is because it overly depresses me to see such a fine site as this (and I honestly mean that too) in such a state of mismanagement, disrepair and of course subsequently disused as a result. I could drone on about bad-luck, misfortune or any other twist of fate that prevented me from reaching my goals; but ultimately I alone must claim this defeat. It is for this reason that I am truly flattered that both you and LazyPint are not only here, but offering the greatest of compliments and encouragement which has touched me very deeply.

ToxicKlay, after I read your open letter to the few continued viewers of FP it forced me to realize that I have been going about everything all wrong. I have been trying to quietly shuffle this site into the 'Too hard basket' where I can simply say, "Well, I gave it my best shot" and let it just putrefy in the back of my mind with all the other untruths I have gathered. It's not my best shot! It's not even close- It's a damn travesty which is what it is! After reading the letter you sent me, I came to rediscover just how special this site had become to me, to all of us and rediscover the amazing potential that has yet gone unrealized! This damn site was the only thing that I really enjoyed on the internet and helped me a great deal- and from the sounds of it I actually helped a few other people in the process too. It's a clever, healthy and thoughtful place where people help each-other and improve without a hint of the all pervasive 'lulz'.

Just the other day I was going through the massive grab-bag of files I have salvaged from infected computers, grinding hard-disks and rusting hulks that were once the seat of so much creativity. One such folder I came across held an assortment of the grand plans and initial conceptions of this website that demonstrated what I merely considered to be a good idea at the time. I had all but discarded it as a labour that had been sitting on the back-burner until burned to a crisp and was saddened by the thought. After your letter, I revisit these files and see a strength of independent thought and drive - a clear and crisp conception of the heart and soul of FP, it's good. Damn its good and I would be an idiot not to fully realize these dreams.

Could I do this in the last few years? No, I couldn't. Can I do it now? Yes I can, and I am. Starting right this minute, FP is moving forward.

Thank you my friends for helping me see what I was missing and kicking my arse into action. Especially you Zack. I'm glad I could set you on the right track, it's only fitting you did the same for me.

Michael Danton.

"I wouldn't say abrasive. I'd rather say you're a cool soothing groove with a hint of jazz..."

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