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SGU - The 90210 of Sci-Fi

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SGU - The 90210 of Sci-Fi
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Michael Danton
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Post SGU - The 90210 of Sci-Fi Reply with quote
No, this post is not about the reckless use of acronyms in television, rather it's about content. I have eagerly anticipated this series for quite some time as it combines a bit of realism with classic sci-fi themes which in later years have gone the well worn path of melodrama. Lost in space, Batman, James Bond, Godzilla, Startrek, Battlestar Galactica... The list goes on, all of these shows started off in all seriousness and quickly became camp as if falling into a niche.

Like the above examples, Stargate has gone a bit camp in recent years and now they're making an effort to build upon the theme of adventure and exploration to new worlds that was pioneered by the original motion picture.

Or so I thought.

No, on the episode I saw tonight, which is supposedly only a few week behind you guys in America. I saw five minutes of sci-fi regarding a knowledge implanting device (Which was ripped right out of SG1, which was ripped right out of Forbidden planet) and what felt like hours of some crummy soap opera.

Now you guys know that character development is important right? Sure you do, and you also know that you have to balance it with the story to maintain the momentum. You also know that when you introduce new characters or locations, you can't offer up too much information at once as it becomes tedious. To avoid this, you have to craft your story so that you can Slice-pie* and you won't suddenly get blasted by all the dull minutia.

Now I'm going to talk about the worst plot device ever in regards to the previous paragraph. Body switching, Yes, Body switching. The show is brand new, the characters haven't even been established yet and now they're playing musical chairs with each-other's birthday suits... Just when it couldn't get any more ridiculous or confusing, you've got a ship in peril, people's lives are at stake! So they use their only means of communication with earth so their officers can slip into someone else's bodies and have sex with ex-wives and lesbian girlfriends.

SEX WITH LESBIANS! (Now that this line has caught you eye, you're going to have to read the whole article.

Who the hell is writing this shit? Some Frisco Lesbo S&M SlashFic group? I don't suppose it matters to the producers, just so long as they're members of the Film Actors Guild. Heaven forbid they should use any of the brilliant fanfics out there or pay someone that actually has a personal attachment.

After this episode, I'm certain its days are numbered. Don't get me wrong, the sets, actors and the effects are all great. It's the union writing (or lack of it) that will put it on the last bus to 'Mediocrity' USA.

* Slice-Pie is a term used by Police and Military entry teams to describe approaching a door from the side and slowly moving into the doorway to increase your angle of visibility and responsiveness while decreasing your own target area.

"I wouldn't say abrasive. I'd rather say you're a cool soothing groove with a hint of jazz..."

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