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New Year's Resolution 1024 x 768

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New Year's Resolution 1024 x 768
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Michael Danton
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2012. Yeah, scary isn't it?

Not the fact that it appears prominently in a long line of apocalyptic predictions of biblical cataclysm; but rather, it's here.

It's the new year... Again.

What happened to last year? It seems it was there, and now, it's not. Every year I feel like my pocket got picked and lost something valuable. Not just valuable but damned Vital! Does anyone else feel like this or am I completely insane? Regardless of my mental state, I find there's nothing that slows down time more than unhealthy obsession and hard work followed by crushing (and oft soul-shattering) disappointment.

Yes, that's right folks. Your resident optimist is back in the FP saddle again.

So what does that mean? I said the same thing before Christmas and naught but naught has happened since. To the untrained eye perhaps that's how it looks but actually, well, yeah, that's pretty accurate. Smile It is however what you cannot see that is important. I'm referring of course to the detailed and carefully planned administration of it's redeaux. I'm not just talking about a generalized, "do this", "fix that", "make good" approach; I am in-fact currently developing a formalized system of structure and goals to ensure that the original conception of FP is not warped by, and to, the conventional. I am especially mindful of this because it has happened before, and one can easily get mired in the minutia of band-aids when only complete amputation will save the patient... Save the Acme that is Fourth Perspective.

Without going into detail at this time, any new additions will not be band-aids, they will not be designed to bolster the weak conventional system as we know it. It will be a new system that is designed with one thought in mind:


It is due to this simplicity that once these sweeping changes have been implemented, the resulting product will turn this overly specialized program into a versatile platform that will meet the needs of writers foremost, but also create a network for artists of all kinds. To collaborate and combine their efforts, to build relationships in their community and internationally. To create an atmosphere that is both nurturing and educational, a place where one can learn, teach, create and develop their artform with the learned guidance of their peers.

Are these sweeping changes just a hobby? A gimmick? A new way to put a fresh face on a tired old SQL database? No, it's not. It's what FP was always intended to be: A spawning pool of innovation, a battleground of popularity and a prestigious international forum with the power to launch careers.

That's MY Perspective.

"I wouldn't say abrasive. I'd rather say you're a cool soothing groove with a hint of jazz..."

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